Instagram Revamps Reels Algorithm to Favor Original Content and Empower New Creators

Instagram is updating its Reels algorithm to prioritize original content and help new creators gain visibility. The move is expected to significantly impact aggregator accounts and other profiles that primarily repost others’ work.

Announcing the Reels algorithm changes, Instagram emphasized revamping its ranking system to facilitate the growth of accounts with smaller followings: “Under the previous ranking approach, creators with large followings and content aggregators were more likely to appear in recommendations compared to original content creators with smaller followings. We believe this needs to be corrected to give all creators equal opportunities to reach new audiences.”

It remains unclear how Instagram will restructure its content suggestion system to provide equal opportunities; however, it appears the platform’s algorithm will no longer prioritize posts based on follower count.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, in a series of posts on Twitter, explained: “Eligible content, regardless of whether the creator has a large following or not, will be shown to a small group of people we think will enjoy it. After audience engagement, top-performing Reels sets will be shown to a wider group, and then the best of those will be shown to an even larger group, and so on.” This approach closely mirrors TikTok’s strategy.

Changes related to original content on Instagram could happen much faster. The social network says that if it identifies two identical pieces of content, it will actively replace reposted Reels with the original clip in suggestions.

Accounts that share reposted Reels will face a prominent label that tags the original creator. Instagram clarifies that these changes will not apply to content creators who make significant changes like adding voiceovers or reaction clips, or posts that are substantially edited to become memes.

Aggregator accounts that repeatedly post others’ content will face stricter penalties. Instagram says that if these accounts have reposted non-original content more than 10 times in the past 30 days, their Reels will no longer be recommended to new audiences.

The new algorithm changes are specific to the Reels section and do not impact other posts on the platform, such as regular feed posts. However, the company seems to be planning to expand algorithm changes to other post types in the future.

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