Huawei’s new smartwatch can unlock your car with a wave of your hand

Huawei’s new smartwatch can unlock your car without you having to touch it. The new model, which was unveiled this morning, uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to communicate with the car and unlock it automatically when the user is in close proximity.

A video of the watch in action shows a user interacting with a car using the circular Huawei smartwatch. When the user gets within eight meters of the car, the headlights turn on and start projecting a swimming fish onto the ground. As the user gets closer, the car unlocks automatically.

Huawei is reportedly planning to unveil a number of new products at its HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference, which is likely to be held on April 11. These are expected to include new cars, laptops, and gadgets.

The Huawei event is also likely to see the launch of a redesigned version of the Luxeed S7 car, which is the first product from the joint venture between Huawei and Chery. The P70 series of smartphones may also be announced at the same event.


Additional details:

The UWB technology used by the Huawei smartwatch is called ICCE UWB.
The Huawei HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference is likely to be held on April 11.
The Huawei Luxeed S7 is a joint product of Huawei and Chery.
The Huawei P70 series of smartphones is expected to be announced at the Huawei HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference.

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