Huawei Unveils Satellite Communication on P70 Ultra Flagship Smartphone

Huawei has showcased satellite messaging capabilities on its P70 Ultra flagship smartphone. The P70 Ultra boasts satellite communication, enabling users to send and receive text and image messages even in areas without network coverage.

Bruce Lee, CTO of Huawei’s Consumer Devices Business Group, demonstrated the functionality of the new feature. Lee explained that satellite messaging relies on Huawei’s Changlian app. Users can send an image to their contacts via satellite connection. The recipient can then use the Changlian app to receive the photo.

Lee further stated that users without the Changlian app will only receive text. The sent image undergoes multiple intensive compression processes.

Huawei showcased in a video how two-way satellite communication on the P70 Ultra can be helpful in critical situations. Users can easily send their location or a message via satellite for rescue.

The P70 Ultra flagship model even allows you to edit a previously sent message without any charges. Users can send and receive important messages or make calls even in a place without any cellular network.

The Huawei P70 Ultra also supports advanced wireless communications for a better, more stable, and stronger communication experience in weak signal conditions.

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