Huawei Tops Patent Filings in 2023, Despite US Sanctions

Huawei’s Dominance in Patent Filings

Despite being heavily sanctioned by the United States, Huawei has maintained its lead in patent filings worldwide. In 2023, the Chinese tech giant filed 6,494 patents, significantly more than its rivals Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm.

This dominance reflects Huawei’s continued investment in research and development, even in the face of US sanctions. The company has focused on developing new technologies in areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Key Points:

  • Chinese companies led the world in patent filings in 2023, with Huawei taking the top spot despite US sanctions.
  • Huawei filed 6,494 patents, followed by Samsung Electronics (3,924) and Qualcomm (3,410).
  • China remained the top country for patent filings with 69,610 applications, followed by the United States (58,823).
  • India saw a 44.6% increase in PCT filings, while Turkey experienced an 8.5% growth.


China’s Rise in Patent Filings

China’s rise in patent filings is a broader trend that has been observed in recent years. In 2023, Chinese companies filed a total of 69,610 patents, which is more than the United States for the first time.

This trend is being driven by China’s growing innovation ecosystem, which has been supported by government policies and increased investment in R&D. Chinese companies are increasingly becoming global leaders in a variety of technology sectors.

Growth in Patent Filings from Other Countries

In addition to China, other countries also saw significant growth in patent filings in 2023. India, for example, experienced a 44.6% increase in PCT filings, while Turkey saw an 8.5% growth.

These increases reflect the growing importance of innovation in these countries. As they develop their economies and move up the value chain, they are investing more in R&D and generating more patents.


The 2023 patent filing data shows that China is now the global leader in innovation. Huawei’s dominance in patent filings is a testament to the company’s continued investment in R&D, even in the face of adversity. Other countries, such as India and Turkey, are also seeing significant growth in patent filings, which reflects their growing innovation ecosystems.

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