Huawei Debuts New Watch GT 4, Watch 4 Pro Space Exploration, and Band 9

Huawei today unveiled three new wearables: the Watch GT 4, Watch 4 Pro Space Exploration, and Band 9. These devices boast stylish designs, vibrant color options, and advanced health monitoring capabilities.

The Space Exploration Edition of the Huawei Watch 4 Pro stands out with its premium build. It features a sapphire glass display, a titanium case, and a nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel for enhanced durability. This smartwatch also comes with new health monitoring software and can be used as a smart car key for the Wenjie M9 and Wenjie M7 models.

The Huawei Watch GT 4 is now available in a new Grass Green color. This smartwatch, which was first launched in September 2023, offers long battery life (up to 14 days), support for over 100 workout modes, and advanced health monitoring features (including sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels). It features an AMOLED display with customizable watch faces, GPS, and Bluetooth calling functionality. The Watch GT 4 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and runs on HarmonyOS 4.0.

The Huawei Band 9 focuses on users who prioritize health monitoring. It comes in various color options and offers comprehensive health tracking features. Huawei has not yet announced the pricing for its new wearables.

Here is a summary of the key features of each device:

Huawei Watch 4 Pro Space Exploration:

Sapphire glass display
Titanium case
Nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel
New health monitoring software
Smart car key functionality for Wenjie M9 and Wenjie M7 models

Huawei Watch GT 4:

New Grass Green color
Up to 14 days of battery life
Support for over 100 workout modes
Advanced health monitoring features
AMOLED display with customizable watch faces
Bluetooth calling
Compatibility with Android and iOS
HarmonyOS 4.0

Huawei Band 9:

Focus on health monitoring
Available in various color options
Comprehensive health tracking features

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