HP Completely Exits Russian Market Due to Sanctions

The process of HP’s exit from Russia has been completed, and the well-known computer brand is no longer present in the country. HP’s exit is a result of the sanctions that the United States imposed on Russia.

The Russian HP website has been taken offline. This website contained the drivers needed by users and was operated in Russian. HP also removed Russia from its list of supported countries.

If you try to access the website of the Russian branch of HP, you will be redirected to the website of the Kazakh branch of the company (Russian is one of the languages used in Kazakhstan).

The Kazakh branch allows you to download drivers for HP laptops, HP printers, and other products, but it does not have online support.

HP previously took down its Belarus website and stopped selling its products there. Like Russia, the HP Belarus website also redirects users to the website of the Kazakh branch of the company. According to statistics, HP earned $1 billion annually from Russia and Belarus.

When Microsoft exited the Russian market, it sent notifications to all users; however, HP did not do so. The process of HP’s exit from Russia and Belarus began about 1.5 years ago, and since then the export of HP products to the two countries has been stopped.

Exiting the Russian and Belarusian markets has hit HP’s product sales hard, and the company has lost its place to other companies like Pantum. Pantum now controls 53% of the Russian printer market; before the sanctions were imposed, the company only controlled 16% of the market.

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