Historic Moment: ARM Version of Google Chrome Released

Google announced in a press release that it is making an optimized version of the Chrome browser available for the Windows on Arm platform starting today. The final version of Chrome is coming to ARM, about two months after the browser was made available for the architecture in question on an experimental basis.

The release of a native Chrome version on the ARM architecture is a big deal for those who use Windows on Arm computers.

Before the release of the native version, it was possible to use Chrome on ARM, but the browser performed poorly and made browsing unbearable. Microsoft has released a native version of Edge for ARM a long time ago.

Google’s announcement comes just ahead of the launch of the first laptops powered by the Snapdragon X-Elite processor. The chip will be available in laptops this summer and is expected to strike a significant balance between battery life and processing power.

Technically, the ARM version of Chrome runs on all Windows devices with an ARM chip and is not limited to the Snapdragon X-Elite. However, it should be kept in mind that currently only Qualcomm makes ARM processors for Windows.

Google says the ARM version of Chrome will be fast and secure: “Our close collaboration with Qualcomm ensures that Chrome users will have the best possible experience when browsing the web with ARM computers.”

Additional details:

The ARM version of Chrome is available for download now.
It can be installed on any Windows device with an ARM chip.
Google says the ARM version of Chrome is faster and more secure than the emulated version.
The release of the ARM version of Chrome is a major milestone for the Windows on Arm platform.

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