Google Vids: A New AI-Powered Video Creation Tool for Work

Google has unveiled a new service called Vids that aims to make the process of creating videos much simpler and faster.

For decades, employees in various companies have been working with documents, spreadsheets, and slides. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and similar software have all been around for years, and now Google wants to add another software to the office suite. This new application, called Google Vids, helps organizations and regular users create videos easily and collaboratively.

According to Google’s press release, Vids is not intended to be a tool for producing high-end videos; rather, it is more useful for people who want to share details of new projects with their team or explain complex concepts through video production.

The main goal of Google Vids is to greatly simplify the entire video production process. A Google executive says, “Our logic is that if you can create a slide, you can also create a video in Google Vids. You don’t need to go through the video production process.”

Google Vids is essentially a service built on turning Google Slides into a video-centric application. To work with Vids, you first take the desired files from Google Drive and other sources and put them together. Finally, all you need to do is add your own audio or video to the final file to create a simple video.

You can do the entire video production process yourself, but there is also the option to use the Gemini AI. Thanks to Gemini, you can create a first draft of the video from a text prompt and then edit it. Gemini can write a script, read the script aloud, and generate the images you want to use in the video. Google refers to the videos created through its new service as Vids.

Once you’ve created a video with Vids, you can easily share it with others. Other users can comment on the shared file and even edit the video themselves. Google says you can get an MP4 output of the final file if you want.

Vids has many competitors in the market, but unlike them, it is compatible with other major Google services, which is a big advantage. According to Google, mobile support will be added to Google Vids in the future.

Google plans to make Vids available in beta this summer.

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