Google Reveals: iPhone to Get RCS in “Fall 2024”

Google has added a new page to the official website of the default Android messaging app (Google Messages) announcing that support for the RCS messaging standard will be coming to the iPhone in “Fall 2024”.

A section of the new Google Messages website that highlights the benefits of RCS (such as sending high-quality videos and photos, typing indicators, and a better experience in groups) says that the standard is “coming soon to iOS.” The section then goes on to mention “Fall 2024”.

In late 2023, Apple announced in a surprise statement that it would be bringing RCS support to the iPhone “before the end of next year.” This led many users to assume that RCS would be available on the iPhone with iOS 18, rather than iOS 17. Google’s disclosure reinforces that assumption.

It is not yet clear whether RCS will be available on the iPhone with the initial release of iOS 18 or whether Apple will hold it back for one of the later updates of iOS 18.

Thanks to the RCS standard, for the first time, it will be possible to access the features available in modern messaging apps when sending messages between the default messaging apps on Android and iPhone. Note that enabling RCS requires action by operators and this feature is not currently available in Iran.

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