Google Launches Gemini Code Assist, an AI Assistant for Developers

Google has launched Gemini Code Assist, an AI-powered coding assistant for developers. The company previously offered a similar service under the Duet AI brand. Code Assist is the rebranded version of the old service along with a major update.

Code Assist will be available through extensions for popular IDEs like VS Code and JetBrains, and it is a direct competitor to GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise.

Code Assist is powered by the Gemini 1.5 Pro language model, which has a context window of 1.5 trillion tokens (significantly more than its competitors). This means that it can offer more accurate code suggestions and has the ability to reason about code and change large sections of code with the help of AI.

Code Assist can be customized based on internal codebases. This feature is currently in preview. Another feature of Code Assist is the ability to support codebases that are not supported by Google’s most popular competitors.

In addition to Code Assist, Google also announced the launch of CodeGemma, a new open-source model in the Gemma family that is designed for generative coding and assistance. CodeGemma is now available through Vertex AI.

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