Google AI Forecasts Riverine Floods a Week in Advance

Google announced that it has been able to predict riverine floods 7 days before they occur using artificial intelligence. Google has not exaggerated its success in predicting floods; the findings have been published in the scientific journal Nature.

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters on Earth, so any system that can warn of when a flood will occur can be very effective and life-saving. Predicting floods is very difficult because most rivers do not have flow gauges.

Google took a major step towards solving the problem of flood prediction by training machine learning models on data such as historical and river water levels, and the height and structure of the land. After training the models, Google produced localized maps and ran simulations in each location. The use of these techniques ultimately led to the accurate prediction of upcoming floods.

Google’s technology for flood prediction

Google’s innovative method for predicting floods is currently only used in specific locations, but Google is looking to expand the method worldwide. Google was able to predict floods an average of 5 days before they occurred using this method. Flood prediction has also been improved in some parts of Africa and Asia.

Google’s new technology has made it possible to accurately predict the timing of floods in 80 countries with a total population of 460 million. Users can access these predictions using Google Search, Google Maps, and through notifications on Android phones. Flood Hub is also Google’s dedicated flood prediction system, which was made available to users in 2022.

Google plans to continue exploring the capabilities of machine learning to create more opportunities for flood prediction and has begun collaborating with university researchers in this area. The company’s goal is to create a global platform for flood prediction.

Here are some additional details about Google’s flood prediction technology:

  • The technology uses two AI models: the Hydrologic Model and the Inundation Model.
  • The Hydrologic Model forecasts the amount of water flowing in a river.
  • The Inundation Model predicts what areas will be affected and how high the water level will be.
  • Google’s flood prediction technology is available in 80 countries.
  • Users can access flood predictions through Google Search, Google Maps, and Android notifications.
  • Google’s Flood Hub is a dedicated flood prediction system that was made available to users in 2022.

Google’s flood prediction technology is a significant advancement in the fight against this natural disaster. By providing early warning of floods, Google’s technology can help save lives and reduce property damage.


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