Google adds more AI-powered tools to shopping to help users make faster choices

Google is embracing AI in a bigger way to help shoppers find what they’re looking for more easily. Users can now refine their text searches with AI-powered tools to find exactly the type of product they’re looking for.

Google’s new feature, called Style Recommendations, lets users rank different items in their searches to help Google learn what they like.

After finding clothes they like, shoppers can specify the brands they prefer, and Google will show more clothes from the user’s chosen style.

A few months ago, Google users tried out the image generation feature in Search Generative Experience. This feature puts together clothes based on a text prompt and then finds similar items based on the AI-generated image.

In another experiment, Google enabled virtual try-on of clothes so shoppers could see how they would look in them. Both of these features are now live in Google Shopping.

Here are some additional details about the new features:

Style Recommendations: This feature is available for apparel, shoes, and accessories in the US. To use it, users simply need to sign in to their Google account and start shopping. As they browse, they’ll see a “Style Recommendations” section with a variety of items. Users can rate each item with a thumbs up or down to help Google learn their preferences.

Brand Preferences: Once users have rated a few items, they can start to see more clothes from their preferred brands. To do this, they simply need to tap on the “Brand Preferences” section and select the brands they like.

Image Generation: This feature is available in the Google Search app for Android and iOS. To use it, users simply need to type in a description of the item they’re looking for and then tap on the “Generate Images” button. Google will then generate a variety of images that match the user’s description.

Virtual Try-On: This feature is available in the Google Shopping app for Android and iOS. To use it, users simply need to find a clothing item they’re interested in and then tap on the “Virtual Try-On” button. Google will then use AR to show the user how the item would look on them.

These new features are just the latest example of how Google is using AI to improve the shopping experience. By making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, Google is hoping to make shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

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