EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) to Impact iPadOS

Following pressure from the European Union, changes to the iOS ecosystem will also be applied to iPadOS.

Apple today confirmed that all changes made to the iOS software ecosystem in the European Union will also be applied to iPadOS in the fall. The European Commission (the executive arm of the European Union) announced this week that iPadOS is a gatekeeper platform under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Developers based in the European Union will be able to distribute iPad apps outside of the App Store, through alternative marketplaces or websites. However, the same conditions will apply to everyone.

The Core Technology Fee (or CTF) policy will be applied to apps distributed outside of the App Store that have more than one million initial installs in the first year, with exceptions for small developers.

With the addition of iPadOS to the list of gatekeeper platforms, users who install the same app on both iOS and iPadOS devices in a 12-month period will only register one initial installation. This will help developers stay below the CTF threshold.

The iPadOS changes will only apply to developers who distribute their apps in the European Union. For the rest of the world, there will be no change and apps will still only be available through the App Store.

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