Dude Perfect Secures $100M Investment to Expand Its Business

Dude Perfect, the popular YouTube group known for their trick shots and stunts, has raised $100 million in funding to expand its business. The investment was led by Highmount Capital, a private equity firm.

The group, which has over 60 million subscribers on YouTube and over 17 billion views, plans to use the funding to expand its reach beyond the online world. Dude Perfect already has a number of businesses, including a smoothie drink at Smoothie King, a Nerf product line, and a board game.

Highmount Capital intends to be a long-term financial partner for Dude Perfect and help the group grow its business. Dude Perfect is known for its family-friendly entertainment and has played a major role in attracting more advertisers to YouTube.

The group is rebranding as Dude Perfect 2.0 and has plans to open a retail store, launch a streaming platform, introduce new toys and games at Walmart, and even build a theme park.


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