DiskMantler: A Hard Drive Destroyer that Shakes Your Data to Pieces

Garner Introduces DiskMantler: A Hard Drive Destroyer that Utilizes Vibrations for Rapid Disassembly

In an effort to streamline and expedite the hard drive disposal process, Garner has unveiled its innovative DiskMantler device. This ingenious machine employs intense vibrations to dismantle hard drives, separating all their internal components in under 90 seconds.

A captivating video from Garner demonstrates the DiskMantler’s operation. The hard drive is inserted into the device’s input slot, and the timer is set for a duration between 8 and 120 seconds. Garner estimates an average processing time of 60 seconds, with slight variations depending on the specific hard drive.

Once the timer is activated, the hard drive undergoes vigorous shaking, causing its components to disintegrate. Upon completion, the device ejects the separated components through an output chute, ready to tackle the next hard drive.

The disassembly process meticulously separates all internal components, including platters, coils, the green board, and other elements. This approach aims to achieve complete hard drive destruction, offering a superior alternative to incineration or shredding.

Incineration necessitates temperatures exceeding 670 degrees Celsius, releasing toxic chemicals and damaging valuable rare-earth magnets within the hard drive. Moreover, this method generally incurs higher costs. Shredding HDDs also consumes significant energy and fails to guarantee complete data security.

Vibration-based hard drive disassembly eliminates the environmental hazards associated with incineration or shredding, making it more suitable for recycling internal components, including magnets, boards, platters, and other elements.

While dismantling primary hard drive components does not constitute a secure data erasure method, it’s important to note that vigorously shaken platters may retain some recoverable data. Addressing this concern, Garner plans to introduce DeMag, a complementary device that promises to obliterate all residual data on hard drive platters and liberate rare-earth magnets, preventing their collective ejection from the DiskMantler.

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