Chery Exeed 08: A Futuristic Electric MPV Unveiled at Beijing Auto Show

Chery unveiled its captivating Exeed 08 electric MPV at the Beijing Auto Show, showcasing a futuristic design that sets it apart from the competition. This groundbreaking vehicle represents the first collaboration between Chery’s European and Shanghai design teams, embodying the brand’s Wind Aesthetics 2.0 design language.

The Exeed 08 exudes a forward-thinking aesthetic, evident in its “butterfly”-inspired front fascia and distinctive F-shaped headlights. The vehicle’s wide rear doors offer seamless access to both the second and third rows, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for passengers. Striking boomerang-shaped taillights complete the Exeed 08’s captivating rear design.

Positioned to rival MPVs like the Li Mega and XPeng X9, the Exeed 08 is expected to undercut its competitors in terms of pricing. While official pricing details remain undisclosed, speculations suggest a price tag around $35,000.

The new MPV is likely to join the Exlantix series, which is marketed as the Sterra in China. While specific technical details are yet to be revealed, the Exeed 08 is anticipated to be built on Chery’s E0X electric platform.

The Exeed 08’s debut marks a significant step forward for Chery, showcasing its commitment to innovation and design excellence in the electric vehicle segment. With its captivating aesthetics, practical features, and competitive pricing, the Exeed 08 is poised to make a strong impact in the global MPV market.

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