Canon’s Virtual Reality Headset Brings Live Concerts to Your Living Room

Japanese brand Canon, renowned for its cameras, has unveiled the MReal X1 virtual reality headset, offering users an immersive experience in virtual environments.

According to Japanese news outlet NHK, Canon is taking a significant step towards concert simulation with the MReal X1. The headset captures live music events from multiple angles using over 50 cameras, allowing users to experience the concert virtually without being physically present.

A Canon executive believes that users will break free from the limitations of attending traditional concerts and experience a new level of concert immersion with the company’s technology.

The MReal X1 headset boasts a 58-degree by 60-degree field of view, making it a suitable simulator for live performances. Canon’s virtual reality headset is currently in the early testing phase, and information on its price and release date is yet to be announced.

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