Bing AI Drives 40% User Growth for Microsoft

Microsoft Bing has experienced a 40% increase in users over the past year thanks to AI support.

Microsoft released its Q3 FY24 results, showing positive growth over the previous quarter driven by its advancements in AI. The Redmond-based company announced that its Bing search engine has reached over 140 million daily users.

Achieving 140 million users represents a 40% growth in users compared to last year, when Microsoft first introduced Bing AI.

Copilot was initially called Bing AI Chat, but Microsoft rebranded it to unify the AI experience across the search engine and Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced during the company’s earnings call that the Copilot mobile app has seen a significant increase in downloads after being advertised during the Super Bowl. He said, “We also launched Copilot on our own advertising platform this quarter.”

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said, “Growth in cloud and AI drove strong Q3 results for Microsoft.”

Microsoft’s overall revenue increased by 17% year-over-year to $61 billion, with $35.1 billion of that coming from its cloud business.

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