Baidu’s AI Chatbot Ernie Bot Surpasses 200 Million Users

Baidu’s AI chatbot Ernie Bot has surpassed 200 million active users, the company announced today. The number of Ernie Bot users has nearly doubled since December 2023. The chatbot was released to the public about eight months ago.

Baidu CEO Robin Li said that the Ernie Bot API is used 200 million times a day, meaning that each user has requested the chatbot to perform various tasks several times a day.

Li announced at a press conference in Shenzhen that the number of enterprise users of Ernie Bot has reached 85,000. Baidu generated hundreds of millions of yuan (tens of millions of dollars) in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023.

According to Reuters, unlike many countries, China requires companies to obtain approval before offering generative AI services. Recent data shows that Chinese AI services, especially the chatbot “Kimi” released by a new startup called Moonshot AI, are growing rapidly.

The visit rate of the Kimi chatbot grew 321.6% in March 2023 compared to February 2023, while the visit rate of Ernie Bot grew about 48% in the same month.

China’s AI still has a long way to go to catch up with its Western counterparts. ChatGPT remains the world’s most popular AI chatbot, with its visit rate growing 9% last month to 1.86 billion visits.

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