Asus ROG Ally X: Upgraded Handheld Console with Bigger Battery and Storage

Asus is set to unveil its new ROG Ally X handheld gaming console on June 2nd with improved specifications and a higher price tag.

The ROG Ally X retains the core features of its predecessor, the ROG Ally, including an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and a 7-inch Full HD display with a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It is rumored to have over 16GB of RAM.

The biggest upgrade on the ROG Ally X appears to be its storage. The device will come with 1TB of M.2 2280 SSD storage, which is double the amount of the previous model. The battery of the new console is also 40% larger than the previous generation, capable of supporting up to three hours of gameplay.

Leaked information suggests a significant change in the color scheme of the Ally X. While the ROG Ally was white, the X version is expected to come in black. This color might be more appealing to some users.

The price of the new ROG Ally X gaming console will be around $799, an increase of $100 compared to the Extreme version of the ROG Ally console. The price increase is likely due to the larger storage and battery of the console.

Asus executive Sean Lin has previously hinted at a significant improvement in the battery life of the Ally X gaming console, citing it as the biggest customer request since the launch of the Asus handheld console. If the battery upgrade results in a significant increase in playtime, it could justify the price increase for users.

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