Apple’s OLED iPad Pro models are reportedly coming soon

According to Ross Young, a well-known display industry analyst, the new iPad Pro models with OLED displays will likely be released in April.

Apple analyst Mark Gurman says that the new software for the iPad Pro tablets is a version of iPadOS 17.4 that is designed for the updated models. This software will not be finalized until the end of March or early April. Once the operating system is complete, Apple will need to send it to factories to be installed on the new hardware. This process can take a few weeks. Therefore, the iPad Pro is unlikely to be released until early April.

Young has also said that Apple plans to release a 12.9-inch iPad Air, which will likely be announced alongside the new iPad Pro models.

Apple is expected to release two new iPad Pro models with the M3 chip, two new iPad Air models with the M2 chip, a new generation of Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, and a new Apple Pencil in March or April.

Gurman has previously ruled out the possibility of Apple holding an event for the new iPads. The devices will likely be announced in a press release and will quickly become some of the best tablets on the market.

Young said that Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of OLED displays for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Samsung and LG will supply the panel for the 11-inch model together. The prices of the new tablets are not yet known.

Here are some additional details about the new iPad Pro models:

  • They will have OLED displays, which offer better contrast and color accuracy than the LCD displays on current iPad Pro models.
  • They will be powered by the M3 chip, which is expected to be a significant upgrade over the M2 chip.
  • They will have a new design with slimmer bezels and a flat-edge chassis.
  • They will support 5G connectivity.
  • They will start at $799 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch model.

The new iPad Pro models are expected to be a major upgrade over the current models. They will offer better displays, faster performance, and a more modern design. They are sure to be popular with creative professionals and students alike.


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