Apple’s iPad Pro Logo: A Hidden Heat Sink

Apple claims that the bitten apple logo on the back of the 2024 iPad Pros contributes to the device’s thermal performance.

Last week, Apple unveiled the latest generation of iPad Pro. This tablet offers users a plethora of exciting features, including an ultra-thin design, compatibility with the Apple Pencil Pro, a powerful M4 chip, and an improved cooling system.

One of the attractive features of the 2024 iPad Pro is its cooling system, which employs an ingenious and unique method of using the Apple logo to reduce the temperature of internal components.

Apple’s new iPad Pros offer more processing power than previous models and manage temperature better. The use of graphite sheets in the body of the new iPad Pro and the Apple logo on the back of the device help reduce its temperature.

The logo is made of copper and acts as a heatsink to help dissipate and transfer heat from the M4 chip and internal components of the device. The cooling system of the 2024 iPad Pros is up to 20% better than the previous generation, but it is unclear exactly how much the new copper logo contributes to this improvement.

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