Apple faces class action lawsuit over AirTag stalking

A class action lawsuit against Apple alleges that the company negligently failed to implement safeguards against people using its AirTag devices for illegal stalking.

Apple’s motion to dismiss the AirTag class action lawsuit was denied

According to a report by Bloomberg, a California judge on Friday ruled that the plaintiffs in the case have sufficiently alleged that Apple was negligent in the design of its AirTag.

The lawsuit against Apple states that “AirTags, priced at just $29, have become a popular tool for stalkers and abusers.”

The plaintiffs, who first filed their lawsuit in December 2022, allege that Apple rushed the AirTag to market and failed to take adequate steps to prevent it from being used to track people.

“The design of the AirTag is defective because it is not safe from misuse as consumers would expect,” the plaintiffs say.

AirTag’s design allows for easy stalking, plaintiffs say

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria denied Apple’s motion to dismiss the claims related to the AirTag, allowing the lawsuit to proceed.

“Multiple users have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, citing the dangers of using the company’s AirTags and arguing that the iPhone maker could be held liable under California law because its AirTags are being used for stalking and illegal tracking,” the Bloomberg report states.

Apple could be liable for failing to prevent AirTag misuse

Chhabria said that “the plaintiffs have plausibly alleged that they suffered harm as a result of the AirTags’ safety defects when they were stalked,” according to the report.

The judge noted that “Apple may ultimately be correct that it did not have a duty under California law to do more to prevent bad actors from misusing AirTags, but that is a question that cannot be resolved at this early stage of the litigation.”

The case is still in its early stages

It is important to note that the case is still in its early stages and that Apple has not yet been found liable for any wrongdoing. The company has denied the allegations and has said that it will continue to fight the lawsuit.

The outcome of the case could have implications for other companies that produce tracking devices. If Apple is found liable, it could set a precedent for other companies to be held responsible for the misuse of their products.


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