Android 15: Two Hidden Features You’ll Love

Android 15 focuses on improving existing features, but it also introduces new ones.

Android 15 is a major update that will be released this year. In this update, Google is focusing on improving existing features and fine-tuning performance rather than overhauling its mobile operating system.

However, Android 15 will still offer new features. Two interesting hidden features have been discovered in the Android 15 developer preview.


Android 15: Two Hidden Features You'll Love


Better notification management

Many users are bombarded with notifications every day, which can be confusing, but there is always the fear of missing important notifications.

These days, people are bombarded with notifications on their smartwatches, computers, tablets, and phones. Android 15 seems to be paying special attention to this issue.

One of the most interesting features of Android 15 is called Notification Cooldown. When you receive a lot of notifications from an app in a row, it will gradually reduce the notification volume.

Notification Cooldown feature in Android

The interesting thing about Notification Cooldown is that it collects notifications from each app. The first notification from each app will be received with sound as standard, but subsequent notifications from the same app will gradually be received with a lower sound.

According to Digital Trends, Notification Cooldown can be activated to gradually mute app notifications or only notifications from active conversations. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing important messages. Google is expected to refine the feature over time.

Improved privacy when screen recording

Another useful tool in Android 15 is related to screen recording. In Android 15, you will be asked to select the apps that you want to appear in the recorded video before starting the screen recording tool.

Screen recording tool

Once you start the screen recording app in Android 15 and start recording, only the apps that you have selected beforehand will be displayed in the video. Other apps will not be shown. This feature can be very useful for improving privacy.

The future of Android 15

Google is testing a feature similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder. This feature allows users to lock apps so that they cannot be opened without entering a password or fingerprint.

Google also offers a similar feature to Secure Folder in the Photos app. With this feature, users can easily hide their private photos and videos. With the private space feature in Android 15, users can do the same for the apps installed on their device.


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