AltStore PAL, a New iOS App Store, Launches in Europe

AltStore PAL, a new iOS app store, has officially launched in Europe. The store is made possible by Apple’s compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU. The new app store’s annual subscription fee is €1.5 (plus VAT) to cover the cost of Apple’s controversial CTF fee.

Installing AltStore PAL requires going through several steps, each with various warnings from Apple to discourage users from installing the store.

AltStore PAL launches with two apps developed by Riley Testut: Delta, a Nintendo and Game Boy emulator app, and Clip, a clipboard manager app that Apple has banned from the App Store. The store was created by Testut and his business partner, Shane Gill. Delta also became available to everyone on the App Store today.

AltStore PAL is integrating its store with Patreon for monetization. The store supports developers who want to distribute beta apps as rewards for crowdfunding investments. Delta is free to help offset the CTF, but downloading Clip requires a minimum monthly Patreon pledge of €1 (plus VAT).

AltStore PAL has been around for iOS since 2019, but users had to jailbreak their iPhones to install it. At that time, AltStore PAL ran on a Mac or Windows computer using a companion software called AltServer.

Now, with the DMA in effect, installing Delta and Clip is legal. The Clip app needs to use several background permissions indefinitely to run. Testut says the permissions are “all against the App Store rules.” In fact, Clip can see everything that is copied to the phone, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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