AI Photo Retouch: Huawei’s New AI-Powered Image Editing Feature

Huawei’s P70 series smartphones can enhance images in seconds using artificial intelligence.

The new generation of Huawei phones features AI Photo Retouch, which intelligently edits images and removes unwanted elements naturally without compromising quality. This tool, an upgraded version of the Erase feature, is powered by artificial intelligence.

According to Huawei, users can use AI Photo Retouch by opening an image and selecting a specific area they want to remove. The system removes the selected areas without altering any other part of the image.

The AI editing feature seamlessly blends in areas added instead of objects and people, creating a natural image.

The AI Photo Retouch capability is available on all four models of the Huawei P70 series. Huawei is likely to release this feature in the future with newer versions of HarmonyOS on more devices.

Another feature common to all four P70 models is gesture control. This feature was previously available on Mate series phones and was also seen in the flagship Honor phone model.

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