AI Enters Football with Google’s TacticAI

Google is aiming to bring artificial intelligence to the world of football with its new tool, TacticAI.

Google’s DeepMind team, in collaboration with Liverpool FC, has unveiled a new tool called TacticAI. By introducing artificial intelligence to the world of football, it aims to assist coaches in making better tactical decisions.

According to football experts working on the project, TacticAI has been trained on a dataset of over 7,000 corners from Premier League matches. Experts believe that Google’s new AI tool is better than humans at designing strategies for attacking and defending set pieces.

“The most exciting thing [about football] for me is that it’s a game between art and science,” says one of the Google DeepMind leaders on the TacticAI project. “There are a lot of unexpected things that happen in a game, but we can still use data to make better decisions.”

TacticAI can provide coaches with suggestions on the optimal positioning of players in attack and defense, potentially providing teams with a unique advantage.

Liverpool experts helped DeepMind to assess whether the AI’s suggestions for corners were useful. Liverpool and Google had previously collaborated on a wide-ranging study of the role of AI in football and a system for predicting player movements.

Experts and some coaches at major clubs believe that AI can play a transformative role in football.

Some are concerned that technology interfering in football will take away from the enjoyment of the game, but researchers say they are aiming to create a tool that makes coaches’ jobs easier, not redundant.

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